I have been crafting original lighting since making a first lamp of "found parts" in 1994..... back when the flea market pickins' were good and cheap. I have also restored and revived many a treasured lamp, chandelier or sconce as well for my clients and customers.

In my style, I hope you will notice attention to detail, some whimsy, and an appreciation for vintage lighting, art & artifacts, and industrial design.

I build and often design these projects in collaboration with a creative group of Bay Area professionals specializing in interior design, architecture, glass & metal fabrication, and finishing, Many of the designs are "one-off" commissions that were constructed around a unique found part or object or inspired by a photograph.

To inquire about any of the lighting designs, discuss a project or commission, or simply entertain a "what if" conversation, please visit my contact page and let me know who you are.